Sunday, December 31, 2006

Nathanael James Morlock

Nathanael James Morlock
December 31, 2006

God opened the door
and I glimpsed us traipsing forested paths,
your tiny hand clutching mine,
eyes atwinkle and joyous smile
radiating off trees and illuminating clouds,
as robins serenaded us in blazing sunlight
and owls scolded by crackling campfire light.
What joy I envisioned us sharing!

Then He closed the door
and the embers’ glow ceased,
extinguished by the ocean of tears
dissolving my dream.
The songbirds fell silent
and dark sorrow engulfed me,
exiling all joy.
For your tiny perfect fingers
would never clasp mine,
and your shining eyes
and beaming smile
would never dispel the harsh darkness.

I now wander this darker, quieter earth
saddened and confused,
but certain through faith
that you are not lost
but surrounded by joy
we do not yet comprehend
but will one day share with you
for eternity.

Grandpa Morlock