Monday, September 27, 2010

Biking Page, Arizona's Rimview Trail

Page, Arizona's Rimview Trail could also be called the "Just below the rim trail." The city is perched upon a mesa-top, and the trail runs along a shelf about 20 feet below the mesa, sometimes only inches from the drop-off which could be 20 feet in places or a hundred feet elsewhere. I've biked the 11 mile trail the last three times I've been in Page and consider it one of my favorite trails.

The trail has some sandy and rocky sections that will challenge novice bike riders and it should be considered a rather challenging and moderately difficult trail, especially on a hot day. One section features a ramp to raise you 15 feet to the next section of the trail...

The vistas are immense. Below you see Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell, the mountains beyond them, and the golf course just below the trail. On the east, you have views of the airport, the Navajo Reservation including their power generating plant, and Navajo Mountain.

You can pick up a map from the chamber office. A popular starting point is at the short nature trail loop near Lake View School at N. Navajo Drive and 20th Avenue in the northern part of town. (North on Lake Powell Blvd which is the main drag, take a right onto North Navajo, and follow it all the way down until it ends at the trailhead.

Here's my earlier report on this trail, including a map.

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