Saturday, March 24, 2007

Guadalupe River, San Antonio, Texas

The Guadalupe River is a glorious paddle and we did it on an equally glorious day. I was a guest of my buddy, Mike Fox, and part of his International Saturday Paddlers of San Antonio, as we did about 8 miles of the Guadalupe.
The first photo exemplifies some of the beauty of the trip, as we paddle through an archway of trees, past cows in fields, beneath towering cliffs, to our final adventure through Velvet Rapid (photo 2).
Mike demonstrates his solo paddling prowess as he awaits the others after a short shore break.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Copper Canyon, Mexico

Copper Canyon in northern Mexico is larger than the Grand Canyon and accessible by few roads, most of which are gravel and very rugged driving. We ventured via the El Chepe (or El Pacifico Railway) which runs from Chihuahua City to the Gulf of Cortez, or in other words, from sea level to over 8000 feet above sea level.

These 2 photos are of a hike we did out of Cerocahui, a small town partway down into the canyon. The waterfall is one of several providing water to this remote village.

Another hike took us farther into the canyon to visit a homesite of a Tarahumara family, consisting of 2 small brick buildings built on a ledge overhanging the canyon far below. There was no electricity or running water and the families live much as their ancestors have for many hundreds of years.

Ellen and I also went for a 2 hour horseback ride through the forested mountainside above Cerocahui.

At the Gulf of Cortez, we had a wonderful red snapper lunch and walked for an hour through the lightly breaking surf.

Copper Canyon Connection
by Chuck

Radiant Polaris and Sirius beckoned
and two searching souls responded,
connecting in magical Mexico.
Souls similarly aslumber
awakened afire
and forged a bond of steel
amid Copper Canyon’s
soaring peaks and plunging valleys,
savored from train and bus
afoot and upon horseback,
two souls savoring
the mountaintop experience,
linked and healed.

Against the daunting darkness
of ancient mountains,
smiles brightened
two connecting hearts
as whispered words penetrated
the ancient canyon’s ageless silence.
Racing hearts melded
into unison tempo
and nascent flowering Manzanitas
and Chandelier cactus
mirrored the blossoming connection,
applauding as nature
took its inevitable course
amid Nature’s incomparable awesome majesty.