Saturday, November 24, 2012

Village Singers Perform at Lake Zurich Tree Lighting

The Village Singers of Lake Zurich performed this afternoon for Lake Zurich's 25th annual tree lighting ceremony, singing five of the songs we'll be presenting at our concerts next weekend.  Our director, Sara, is in Italy for two weeks, singing at an opera competition, so our assistant director, Earl, led us tonight, with 20 of our 35 members able to join us...

As you can see in the photo of part of the audience below, there was a good turnout for the event, with lots of kids anxious for Santa to arrive on the fire truck...

Then after a few words from Lake Zurich Village President, Suzanne Branding, she introduced Santa and together they lit the Christmas tree...

...and then everyone went inside to enjoy cookies and hot chocolate (donated by CostCo) and to allow the children to visit with Santa.  The events were sponsored by the Lake Zurich Area Chamber of Commerce and the Village of Lake Zurich.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wauconda Grass Fire

A grass fire in a wetland area bordering Liberty lakes subdivision was extinguished in about 45 minutes by the Wauconda Fire Department with assistance from Grayslake.  Here's a brief video of the fire...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Millennium Trail re-route - Route 176 Underpass now open

The re-route of the Millennium Trail is now complete with the opening of the Route 176 underpass.  Last month, the Fort Hill Trail re-route was completed and opened as shown here.

Below you see the new connection as you head south from Bonner Road toward Route 176.  The gravel trail to the right gives access to Wilson Avenue and the subdivisions around Bangs Lake.  The old Millennium Trail route had turned to the left at this point but is now buried under a new hill created using the earth excavated from the two underpass projects. (Click to enlarge photos.)

The entire re-route is paved surface as seen below as you head down to the tunnel.  The lights in the tunnel and the railing above the tunnel are not completed, but the re-route is open, is safe for travel, and represents yet another fine addition to the Millennium Trail by our wonderful Lake County Forest Preserve District.

The southern approach to the tunnel had been completed first and the grass is already pretty well established on this side as seen here...

The trail winds over several small hills, alongside some ponds, and then between the two fishing lakes, Banana Lake and Taylor Lake. That this is a delightful scenic area is demonstrated by the fact that there were two different artists with easels who were painting canvases of the landscape.

At the top of the final hill, you pass a pavilion and then re-connect to the existing Millennium Trail where it descends to the Fairfield Road underpass, and from there south through the loveliest (and hilliest ) section of Lakewood Forest Preserve.

Check it out!  You'll be glad you did!