Sunday, May 17, 2015

VCB Worship Volunteers Annual Picnic

The predicted dangerous thunderstorm must have been delayed, because we (thankfully) had a gorgeous, sunny, 80 degree afternoon for our annual picnic to thank all the volunteers from the choir, orchestra, band, ushers, sound booth, etc., etc. at The Village Church of Barrington.

Village Singers at The Garlands

Yesterday evening we were invited to repeat our "Broadway Rocks!" performance of classic '60s rock songs by the great groups of that era at the prestigious Garlands in Barrington, Illinois. An audience of about 50 retirees enthusiastically enjoyed hearing the hits from their era, though to be truthful, many of us performers were also around during those years!

I began the performance with the opening narration for Proud Mary, a song often associated with Ike and Tina Turner, but which was also a staple in Elvis' concerts.

We also sang the songs of The Beatles, The Mama and Papas, Billie Holiday, The Beach Boys, Jersey Boys (The Four Seasons), and Motown.

 Ensembles also sang a medley of the Shirelles tunes and "My Boyfriend's Back."

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rafting the Colorado River: Kremmling to Bond

During our three weeks in Steamboat Springs in 1987, a rafting trip on the Colorado was another of our activities.  It was a long drive to and from the river, but still a good trip. Though this was mainly a float trip, there were a few rapids, with the professional photographer of course waiting at the best rapid.  Unfortunately, I had no camera along and this is the only photo I have of that trip.

My sons and I are seated right in front, all with Cubs hats on!

Mountain Biking Colorado's Spring Creek Trail

Back in the summer of 1987, we vacationed for three weeks in Steamboat Springs, where we hiked 15 miles on what I later discovered was the Continental Divide Trail. I noticed what were obviously campsites along the trail and realized you could backpack and camp wherever you wanted in the national forests.  That began my love of backpacking, and I eventually backpacked 60-plus times in 50+ wilderness areas across the country.  

We also rented mountain bikes in Steamboat, and following the directions of the bike shop proprietor, we biked up Buffalo Pass Road which involved some walking the bikes on steep sections of the gravel road (cross training I call it!)  We then turned off onto Spring Creek Trail and had a marvelous long downhill ride on nice single track with gorgeous views.  You can see the ski slopes in the distance in this photo.

Mt son was 15 and took right to what was a new sport for us flatlanders from Chicagoland!

I enjoyed it so much, I eventually bought a mountain bike back home and began 25+ years of biking gravel trails in the prolific forest preserves around Chicagoland, something I still do now to the tune of 2500+ miles per year.  Here I am coasting down the mountainside.  Too bad you can't see the huge smile on my face!

Ever since my youth-years in Cub and Boy Scouts, I had a deep passion for the outdoors in general and forests in particular, and scenery like this still fuels that passion.

You can check out all my adventures at my other blog called Bike, Hike, and Paddle.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Village Singers of Lake Zurich Spring Concert

Here's an 11 minute video of our 90 minute concert, featuring brief snippets from 28 classic rock and roll songs from the '60s, by Elvis, CCR, Tina Turner, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Carole King, The Four Seasons, (Jersey Boys), and various Motown classics...

Post-Concert Party

About 25 of the chorus members celebrated the successful concert weekend with a party at the famous Gilmer Road House, enjoying great food and sparkling conversation, while viewing the video of the concert...