Saturday, March 5, 2011

North Augusta Trail in South Carolina

The North Augusta Greeneway Trail runs 5.3 miles through North Augusta across the Savannah River from Augusta, Georgia. And no, I didn't misspell "Greeneway," which honors their longtime mayor Thomas Greene who initiated and carried out the idea for this trail, and thus the spelling of the trail name...

An extension under construction on the north end will add several more miles.  The trail is paved and is in good shape with the exception of occasional upheavals from roots, a small price to pay for the beauty of this tree shrouded trail, which makes it a perfect place to ride or hike on a cold, blustery, windy day or a sweltering hot summer day. At times, you are on a ridge with deep ravines on each side, and at other times you are looking up at 40' high bluffs towering above you on one or both sides. Even seeing the beautiful homes built on the hillsides adds to the scenery, though you probably see far fewer of them during leaf-on season.

Except for a few crossings of lightly traveled residential streets, the crossings are via underpasses or bridges making for a safe ride.

Directions: From Exit 1 on I-20 at North Augusta, drive south on Martintown Road (SC 230). Turn right onto Georgia Avenue (US 25 Bus), then right again onto West Buena Vista Road. Stay on Buena Vista until it ends at Georgetown Drive. Turn left and continue to Riverview Park. drive to end of road and park by the Activities building. The trail is in front of the building.

Park district website

Historical perspective

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