Monday, May 21, 2012

Biking South Elgin's River Bend Bike Trail

Kane County's John Duerr Forest Preserve (formerly Blackhawk Preserve)  is located on Rte. 31 in South Elgin, one mile north of McLean Boulevard. A large wood carved statue of Blackhawk is situated at this preserve's entrance.  The preserve follows the big bend of the Fox River as it turns west and then northwest before returning to its generally southern route.  The preserve is adjacent to and connects to the Fox River Trail just north of the double bridges over the river at the foot of the steep incline alongside Tekakwitha Woods FP.  The Fox River Trolley Museum's trolley line ends in the preserve.

The trail is mostly paved as it meanders through forest and over creeks...

...and ends several miles later at Silver Glen Road and Route 31 where it becomes the Silver Glen Trail. The trail follows its namesake road over hilly terrain to the massive bike/pedestrian bridge over Randall Road...

...where the trail continues east before turning north alongside a creek into a lovely area with ponds and wetlands and homes across the water.  The trail crosses McDonald Road and continues north, and just before reaching Hopps Road loops around the pond and returns you to McDonald Road. 

An interesting feature:  Where the trails crosses McDonald Road, there is an emergency bike repair facility seen below, with all manner of tools and even a bike pump available for your use.

This trail is only about 11 miles round trip, but with its connections to the Fox River Trail and the Great Western Trail (reached by biking south four miles on the paved trail alongside Randall Road) you can lengthen your ride to over 100 miles!

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