Friday, September 21, 2012

Biking The Jordan River Trail in the Salt Lake City Area

The Jordan River Parkway follows the namesake river starting at the north end of Utah lake, and when completed will travel 40 miles through Salt Lake County to Davis County. There are over 20 trailheads for access, many with restrooms and water and some with playgrounds and picnic facilities.

There are many turnoffs for access from neighborhoods.  Many have vertical posts with info etched in, but many of these are nearly unreadable now. Some segments have painted yellow center lines at all intersections indicating where the main trail goes. It would help if they used this system uniformly on the entire trail, but since numerous municipalities are involved, this may not occur.

An equestrian trail travels alongside the paved trail for one segment. But Salt Lake City trails can have goatheads that puncture your tires (one got me) so I wouldn't try biking the gravel horse trail in late summer or fall season.

The trail takes you past many parks, some wood lots, water detention areas, a large community garden, electric sub-station, much preserve area (perhaps flood-plain areas,) a few housing areas, golf course, industrial buildings, and even some sections with lighting.

Most road crossings are via under- and over-passes.  Occasional gang graffiti is evident.  You often get views of the Jordan River as seen here...

The trail is mostly in good condition, with some root heaves.  A sensitive area south of Murray-Taylorsville Road (perhaps prone to flooding) has this extensive boardwalk to raise the trail above the land.

Infrequent signs provide history of the area and are interesting to stop to read.

Official website with downloadable maps.

Trailhead parking can be found here:

Hwy. 171 at South 1000 West at James Madison Park

1585 West (Lester Street) and 3100 South Street

Redwood Park -- State Route 201 west of I-15

Across from 7 Peaks Water Park on West 1700 South

Murray-Taylorsville Road just west of Murray Blvd. at the Jordan River

Germainia Park  has 2 lots at 5400 South and 1070 West Street

Cottonwood Grove and Walden Park on either side of 5800 South west of Murray Blvd. Parkway
North of 3700 South Street on 700 West, i block and turn west on Carlisle Park Lane (aka 3800 South) to get to Holm Park trailhead (where the street dead-ends.)