Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Florida's Palmetto Park Road Path

This is not a hugely inspiring trail as it simply runs alongside the six-lane wide (and very noisy from traffic) Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton, Florida, but it does provide an 11 mile round trip paved route, with additional miles available if you detour onto the paved trail alongside Boca Rio Road and the canal, both of which also follow the west side of Florida's Turnpike (Highway 91.)  Click on this map to enlarge it.

I parked at Veteran's Park just east of Highway 411/University Road. Every mile or so you encounter another major 6 lane road to cross, though traffic signals make the crossings safe after the usual wait times for the next green cycle.

About a mile and a half east, the trail makes an  S-curve to the north to cross over the canal and tollway on a high bridge.  If you keep going straight, you'll quickly reach the bike path that parallels the canal  seen below and be able to add extra miles to your ride.

When you follow the S-curve and cross the bridge to bike the trail east of the tollway, the landscaping to your south improves, but you still have the 6 lane road and traffic noise for the rest of the ride.

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