Sunday, February 2, 2014

Utah's Heber Creeper Railroad

The Heber Creeper scenic railroad began in 1899 as the Utah Eastern Railroad, running from Heber City to Provo.  A year later it was acquired by the Rio Grande Western and then in 1920 became part of the Denver and Rio Grande Western. Freight and livestock were important parts of its business, but passenger service was also provided.  During the 1930s, more sheep left Heber City than any other depot in the USA.  In the early 1970s, it became the Heber Creeper tourist passenger train.  The name is thought to have been derived by the trail's slow transit through the narrow twisting canyon.

Below is the 1907 Baldwin steam Engine 618 which is now being renovated.  I took this photo when we rode this train back in 1990.

From the original depot, the train ride passes Deer Creek Reservoir and traverses lush meadows, alpine forests of the Wasatch Mountains, and waterfalls along its route, winding its way down gorges to Provo canyon and Vivan park.

The Heber Valley Railroad offers several scenic excursions, adventure trains, dinner trains, and special event trains. Scenic Trains include the breathtaking scenery of Heber Valley’s natural landscape, the beautiful Deer Creek Reservoir, and the majestic Provo Canyon/Provo River. 

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