Sunday, November 10, 2013

Terms for Groups of Animals

Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors enjoying Nature no doubt spots many animals.  Here is a list of what groups of various critters are called:

A congress of baboons. (How appropriate!)
A herd of deer.
A pace of donkeys. 
A shrewdness of apes.
An army of ants.
The team of horses. 
A pack of wolves. 
A nest of rabbits.
A battery of barracudas.
A cete of badgers. 
A flock of sheep. 
A pod of whales. 
A sloth of bears. 
A quiver of cobras.
A band of jays.
A shiver of sharks.
A surfeit of skunks.
A drove of bullocks. 
A glint of goldfish. 
A colony of gulls. 
A swarm of bees.
A shoal of bass. 
A convocation of eagles.
A pride of lions.
A cloud of bats.
A sedge of bitterns. 
A brace of ducks. 
A dray of squirrels.
A pandemonium of parrots.
A pulchritude of peacocks.
A squadron of pelicans.
An obstinacy of buffalo. (Very true if you’ve ever been stopped by a bison-jam in Yellowstone National park!) 
A nest of vipers.
A coterie of prairie dogs.
A prickle of porcupines.
A gaze of raccoons.
A hill of ruffs.
A kaleidoscope of butterflies. 
A wake of buzzards. 
A clutter of cats.
A brace of mallards.
A charm of magpies.
A stud of mares.
A leap of leopards.
A singular of wild boar. 
A kindle of kittens. 
A drift of cattle.
A kine of cows.
A pitying of turtle doves.
A clash of bucks.
A chattering of chicks.
A ballet of swans.
A knot of toads.
A rafter of turkeys.
A dole of turtles.
A blessing of unicorns.
A pail of wasps.
A chime of wrens.
A descent of woodpeckers.
a gam of whales.
A wisdom of wombats.
A dazzle of zebras.
A bed of clams.
A brood of chickens. 
A mischief of mice.
A rout of coyotes.
A parade of elephants.
A bouquet of peasants (in flight.)
A cast of crabs.
A chain of bobolinks. 
A flight of pigeons. 
A mob of meercats.
A parliament of owls.
A raft of otters.
A herd of zebras. 
A school of fish. 
A congregation of crocodiles.
A cowardice of curs.
A trip of dotterel.
A wedge of geese (when flying in a "V “formation.) 
A troop of kangaroos. 
A covey of quail. 
A passel of opossums. 
A smack of jellyfish. 
A colony of beavers.
A bike of bees.
A slither of snakes.
A murmuration of starlings.
A fever of starlings.
A lamentation of swans.

A cloud of tadpoles.

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