Saturday, October 12, 2013

Biking Wisconsin's Three Eagle Trail

Named for the two towns it connects, the crushed limestone Three Eagle Trail traverses the former Chicago and North Western line between Eagle River and Three Lakes.  The newest and shortest segment starts in Eagle River and runs from the Dairy Queen parking lot south to Sundstein Road, crossing the lengthy wetland area seen here...

...on this boardwalk. Two other bridges are used on the southern section.

In the winter, the trail is groomed for cross-country skiers and also used by snowmobiles (probably because Eagle River calls itself the "snowmobile capital of the world" and hosts the annual world snowmobile championships.)
The longer southern segment of the trail begins in Three Rivers at Don Burnside Park, which offers restrooms, athletic facilities, a playground, and picnic tables. From there, the trail meanders through wetlands, dense forest, and marshy pines with lots of twists and turns and plenty of benches to rest on. The route includes two boardwalks and a bridge.

You'll find rest benches often along the trail, and the 8.5 mile long southern segment takes you through wetlands, marshes, and woods.  Active cranberry bogs can be seen on the southern segment.  Wausau Paper Company previously owned a wooded area which remains scenic.

The two segments are about 3 miles apart, connected by Sundstein Road, a little traveled backroad that is not dangerous to bike on.

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