Friday, October 4, 2013

Biking Wisconsin's BATS (Boulder Area Trail System)

The Boulder Area Trail System (BATS) runs south 8 miles from Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, then jogs east to the Crystal Lake Campground, passing the lovely Trout Lake for over a mile, for a total of 11 miles.  Additional mileage is available if you do the off-shoot dirt trails.  The trail is paved and in good condition.

Here's a trail map (click to enlarge)

The 1+ mile segment along Trout Lake is especially beautiful...

...and the woodland segments feature towering pines, oaks, and maples, and at times pine needle- covered trail surface...

The trail is predominantly flat, but it has enough roller coaster type hills to give a bit of a workout, as you pass through the lovely 225,000 acre Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest.

A good starting point is the trailhead at the Boulder Junction Town park ballfields.  Others are the Trout Lake Campground/picnic area or the Crystal Lake picnic area.

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