Sunday, August 17, 2014

Biking Omaha's Keystone Trail

We began at Karen Park and biked north. This 15 mile paved trail runs atop the flood control levees of Papillion and Little Papillion Creeks, crossing over them on bridges at various places.  The trail surface is in good shape, and the trail is flat except for the minor downs and ups for the underpasses (seen below) which make it safer and more convenient than having to cross busy streets.

The trail runs on the old railroad right-of-way for about 2.5 miles, and around mile 6, you'll see remnants of a wooden trestle. And in the two photos below, you'll see an active rail line passing over the trail on its high trestle.

Bikers are warned not to be under the trestle when a trail in above, though they have built an awning over the trail to protect riders and walkers from falling debris.

This trail was the "Trail of the Month" in June of 2007. You can see the article on the Rails-to-Trails website here.  It is a lovely ride, and the lack of road crossings adds to the enjoyment and safety of the trail.

To reach the trailhead at Democracy Park at the north end, take Interstate 80 to Interstate 680 North. Exit onto Fort Street and head east. Democracy Park is on the right at the corner of Templeton Drive and Fort Street.

 To reach the southern trailhead at Haworth Park, travel south on Highway 75, then turn east on Highway 370. Take a left onto Payne Drive to reach Haworth Park.

Karen Park trailhead has this address:  6288 H St, Omaha, NE 68117

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