Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Corn Palace of Mitchell, South Dakota

Built in 1892, the Corn Palace hosts over 500,000 visitors each year, celebrating the rich South Dakota soil and agriculture industry with "Crop Art" and "Ear-chitecture," both inside and outside its walls.

The building is used for sporting events, concerts, community events, and exhibits, with 43,500 square feet of floor space and a capacity of 3200 spectators. It is home to both local college and high school basketball teams, has an annual rodeo, and a polka festival.

The streets around the Palace are closed this year for a major upgrade/renovation to the facility, but it is still open to visitors, and as always, entrance is free.

Local artists design the exterior and interior corn (and other grain) murals, as seen in this photo, laying out the colors for the picture (click to enlarge.)

Here are a few of the exterior artworks this year...

...and here are some of the interior works...

It is only minutes off I-90 and signs guide you to the free parking lots.  Check it out if you are in the area!  I've been there half a dozen or more times and still enjoy the artwork!

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