Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Biking Salina, Kansas' Levee Trail

Salina, Kansas, just happens to be on Interstate 70 and one day's drive from my home in the Chicago area, so I often spend a night there when heading on a trip out west. This time I took my bike and did a 10 mile ride on their levee trail system which protects their city from periodic flooding of the Saline River. The trail is gravel, some large and some crushed into fine gravel, so I would not suggest the trail for road bikes.

Since I had driven all day, I arrived near evening and just managed to do 10 miles as dusk was falling, as seen in this shot. A control valve for the flood protection system is on the right. Numerous walkers were also using the trail as well as a few other bikers. The bike trail crosses Ninth Street (U.S. 81) just south of I-70. Another good trailhead is off Crawford Street, several miles east of I-135 by Bill Burke Park.

Salina receives its name from the Saline River seen below -- the same river that the dike protects the city from during floods!

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