Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Biking Nashville's Shelby Bottoms Greenway

This park and Greenway are in the East Hill section of Nashville, across the river and a bit south of Opryland Hotel. Numerous grass hiking trails bisect the park and the paved bikeway runs for nearly 5 miles, with another mile and a half or so of spur trails connected to it. The trail is in good repair and is mostly level.

The scenery is as seen below -- lush green on both sides but with very few views of the Cumberland River which it parallels.

Near the northern end of the trail you'll find this bridge with spiraling ramp to access the Pedestrian Bridge which takes you over the Cumberland River. The trail then takes you below Briley Road (route 159) via underpasses to Two Rivers Park (and The Wave aquatic park) and to the start of the Stones River Greenway.

Here's a view of the Cumberland River from the Pedestrian Bridge.

The trail is flat and this is a very popular trail so expect company while biking here.

Trailheads and parking are available at 1900 Davidson Street, 2032 Forrest Green Drive, and 2544 McGinnis Drive.

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