Monday, May 9, 2016

Biking Tennessee's Maryville-Alcoa Greenway

This trail runs from Sandy Springs Park in Maryville to the Bicentennial Greenway in Alcoa, nine miles in length, with loops in the parks at each end. You can also access the trail at Pearsons Spring Park, Founders park, and Greenbelt Park in Maryville, as well as Alcoa's Richard Williams Park and Hall Park. 

I parked at Bicentennial Park in maryville because it was easy to find as I drove in on Highway 411(East Broadway Avenue.)

My favorite section runs from Maryville to Alcoa along Pistol Creek, on an easement granted by Alcoa Company. The trail features lovely woods on both sides and the pavement is in pretty good repair. At the western end, you briefly run along Edison Street, turn left along Springbrook, pass the aptly named Duck Pond, and reach and circle Springbrook Park. Signage is minimal if at all in many places, so just enjoy riding the paved trails and relish the lovely park scenery as you traverse the parks, and don't be concerned that you somehow missed a sign post.

Parts of the trail have lighting for evening use as seen below.

Bicentennial Park in Maryville has Greenbelt Lake with a pond and waterfall to enjoy.

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