Thursday, April 2, 2009

Church Signs #11

In my driving trips across all 50 states, I often spot clever, amusing, and thought-provoking signs in front of churches of all denominations, and long ago I began jotting them down. I'll gradually post them here for your entertainment and edification.

  • There is no revenge as complete as forgiveness.
  • Rumor is the only thing that thickens as you spread it.
  • Be ye fishers of men. We catch them. He cleans them.
  • Write your hurts in sand and your blessings in stone.
  • One way to get enough is to desire less.
  • God’s son is brighter than your darkest hours.
  • God’s plans for us are better than our own.
  • We are overlooked when wrapped up in ourselves.
  • You’re not too bad to come in or too good to stay out.
  • Pray hardest when it seems hardest to pray.

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