Saturday, March 22, 2014

Biking Florida's Spring to Spring Trail

This trail is also called the Lake Monroe-Gemini Springs-DeBary Hall Trail because it connects these three areas with a 5 mile trail. We began at Lake Monroe Park off Highway 17 just north of I-4. This park has no entrance fee and is mainly popular for its small campground and two boat launches. Drive past the launches and you'll find parking by the bike trail, along with picnic tables, washrooms, and a water fountain. First you'll bike on a lovely and lengthy boardwalk through a swampy section...

...and the rest of the ride provides magnificent scenery as shown in the two photos below.

Here's the trail map (click to enlarge.)  Lake Monroe Park Trailhead is at the bottom, and there is also parking at the northwest corner of Gemini Springs Park which is located east of Highway 17 (Charles Beall Blvd.) on Florida Route 4162 (also called Dirksen Drive.)  The trail then continues east and north along Dirksen and then along Mansion Blvd. to DeBary Hall.

If 5 miles (10 mies round trip) is too short for you, as it is for me, then do it twice!  It's very scenic and is far from boring, even the second time around!

From the website:

 When complete, the Spring-to-Spring Trail will stretch 26 miles from Gemini Springs Park to DeLeon Springs State Park. It is being designed to accommodate walkers, joggers, inline skaters, bicyclists and people with disabilities. To date, Volusia County has completed several segments of the trail totaling nearly 15 miles. In addition, five trailheads have been built for your convenience at DeBary Hall Historic Site, Gemini Springs Park, Lake Monroe Park, Lake Beresford Park, Blue Spring State Park and along Grand Avenue in Glenwood.

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