Sunday, March 2, 2014

Biking Tennessee's Erwin Linear Trail

The Linear Trail (Erwin Greenway) runs parallel to I-26 along North Indian Creek and Nolichucky waterways in Erwin for over 4 miles. Though short, it makes for a nice break from driving and gives you exercise and scenic views.  The greenway was designed to protect and enhance the environment and provide recreation to the community. 

The area includes wooded areas, natural ponds, wetlands, and mountain views.  The trail was designed to provide recreation and protect the few remaining natural areas. Trails wander around the ponds for recreation and fishing and include instructional wetlands areas for local school programs.  Other amenities include night lighting, restrooms, benches, docks for fishing and a family-friendly atmosphere. I biked it on a chilly early March Sunday and found many families on the trail, with children of all ages. About halfway you'll reach this park with washrooms available. 

Rest benches are scattered along the trail, which is lit with lamp posts.  Magnificent views of the mountains adorn the trail.  Mileage markers let you know where you are on the trail. The trail is paved, though frost and root heaves occur regularly.  The northern end has a few small hills and the southern end passes some light industry.

Parking is available at three places, all with exits off I-26:  Main Street (exit 36) on the north (turn right across from McDonalds to park) ;   Exit 37 -- 2nd Street/SR 102 in the middle;   and Red Bank Road (Exit 40) on the south (turn left into the Riverview industrial area.)

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