Monday, August 24, 2015

Biking the Danada-Herrick Lake Trails in DuPage County

DuPage County's Danada Forest Preserve (825 acres) and the adjacent Herrick Lake Forest Preserve (885 acres) both border Route 56 (Butterfield Road), roughly between Routes 53 and Herrick/Wiesbrook Road, and a bike trail traverses both preserves. Trailheads and parking are available at Herrick Lake (a well-developed area with pavillions, concessions, and boat rentals) and at the preserve headquarters off Naperville Road just east of Butterfield.

This photo shows the large lake at Leask Lane, near the eastern end of the trail. Just west of here is the Danada Equestrian Center which the trail passes through.

The area near Herrick Lake is heavily forested before breaking into open meadowland, and a large loop extends through the meadow area. The trail's north end connects with the Illinois Prairie Path, and taking it north connects to the Blackwell Regional Trail.

Directional signs and maps are located at all intersections and the trail is crushed limestone and is in excellent condition. Occasional informative signs are sprinkled along the trail. For additional mileage, the western end of the trail will take you along Butterfield Road on a spur of the Illinois Prairie  Path, and either continue on that or turn right into Blackwell Preserve and bike its trails.

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