Saturday, August 29, 2015

Biking Gainesville's Waldo Road and Depot Avenue Trails

These connecting paved trails can be accessed along the two streets, Depot and Waldo. The Depot Avenue Trail follows an old rail corridor from the Archer Avenue/Rte. 441 intersection to Waldo Road, where the Waldo trail then follows Waldo Road to the airport, a combined total of 6+ miles, although you can add several more miles west of Depot Ave. by riding the sidewalk/bikeway west to I-75. An interesting side trip is to bike the roads/bikeways of the University of Florida just a few blocks up Rte. 441 from the Archer intersection.

The last few years, they have done a wonderful job rebuilding (and slightly relocating) the old Depot Street Station seen below.

Below is a photo of the trail that parallels Waldo Road. These trails serve as connectors to the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail.

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