Friday, August 28, 2015

Biking Seattle's Burke-Gilman Trail

The Burke-Gilman Trail is named for two of the twelve investors who in 1885 set out to establish a Seattle railroad. The trail follows the old railroad right-of-way and the original 12.1 miles of the trail connecting Seattle's Gas Works Park and King County's Tracy Owen Station in Kenmore were dedicated on August 19, 1978.

The trail was later extended west through Seattle's Fremont neighborhood to Eighth Avenue NW, and now it also reaches east to Redmond by means of the Samammish River Trail. I biked 27 miles roundtrip on the trail and thoroughly enjoyed the ride as I followed Lake Union, Fremont Canal, and Lake Washington, traversed the University of Washington campus, passed through parks and various residential and commercial areas, and enjoyed good views to numerous sights. A map is available here.

I parked at Gas Works Park, and after looking at the old machinery and piping, rode both directions on the trail which is a mostly level, wide, asphalt path, in good condition except for occasional heaves/buckles in the pavement. Some sections were very busy with walkers, joggers, and bikers, especially the section through the university campus.

This view is across Lake Union. This is the only trail where I've seen signs telling bikers to announce when they are passing, but despite the signs, no one except for me ever did, so always be alert on this trail!

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