Friday, August 28, 2015

Biking Knoxville's Trails

Knoxville, Tennessee, has developed some wonderful municipal biking trails for its residents. Below is the Neyland Greenway which follows Neyland Drive and the Tennessee River. This paved trail passes through Volunteer Landing where parking, concessions, and washrooms are available.  

The trail also takes riders past the University of Tennessee stadium, arena, veterinary medicine campus, and part of the Knoxville and Holston River Scenic Railroad.


This caboose is part of the Rambler Train and its restoration is explained here.

The impressive Knoxville skyline is featured in this photo. The trail bounces from the river side of Neyland Drive to the other side a number of times, with some of the crossings protected by traffic signals. 


 The Third Creek Trail begins near the western end of the Neyland Greenway, just west of the university stadium. A parking area is provided at the start of the trail and several other lots are along the trail. This Greenway is very scenic with lovely wooded areas, views of the creek, some rolling terrain, going through several parks and eventually past some industrial, residential, and commercial areas.



Numerous markers along the trail commemorate the donation of the land for the Greenway by various individuals and businesses, demonstrating a wonderful partnership between citizens, businesses, and municipal government which other communities would do well to emulate. 


Knoxville Greenways Map: Click to enlarge

NOTE:   Months after posting this page, I received a very nice email from the person running the bike trails in Knoxville, thanking me for this page and inviting me back in the future to see the additions made to their trail system. I hope to accept that invitation and bike Knoxville again, especially since my sister and brother-in-law are moving to nearby Nashville soon.

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