Thursday, May 28, 2009

Elderhostel: The Mystery Behind the Magic at Disney World

This was a wonderful Elderhostel program, as you'll see from this movie. One caveat: Except for 2 times, we were not allowed to photograph or video record what we saw "behind the scenes" at Disney, a rule I obeyed. You will see the hotel we stayed. our Disney Institute guides, and our group's participants. The times we were "on stage" (the areas guests see) we were allowed to photograph, and I did. Our tour of the "behind the scenes" ("backstage") horticulture center was open for photos so you'll see those, too, and the Kilamanjaro Safari ride in Animal Kingdom, which is "on stage," has camcorder footage I took, but with our "behind the scenes" guide, Anita, an Animal Kingdom expert, doing the narration.

I also posted on each of the 4 days of this program found here.

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