Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring 1, Spring 2, and Spring 3

I relished experiencing Spring #1 in Florida during February and March. Spring #2 in Arkansas was delightful as well. And now Spring #3 in Chicagoland is wonderful, too, as exemplified by biking 5 days in a row in tee-shirts and shorts, and also demonstrated by the remnant apple trees from the defunct Wauconda Orchard that are ablaze with color and so flagrantly fragrant...

Yesterday I gave my 46th blood donation to LifeSource, the last 6 or so by the ALYX procedure where they filter out and keep the red blood cells (the ones that carry oxygen to your muscles) and pump the "juice" back into you, so today's bike ride was a bit sluggish and limited to 13 miles, but the scenery shown above and blue skies and 70 degrees made it a great ride.

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