Friday, May 29, 2009

Poem #46: Retirement Day

Retirement day seemed slow to arrive
Yet here it is to my surprise,
And 34 years in front of a class
Like a meteor shower did quickly pass.

Ten thousand students, or maybe more
Sat at desks and graduated out the door.
Their names and faces all merge into one
As I contemplate a career now done.

Like the flash of a bulb or blink of an eye,
The days and months and years flew by.
My mind can’t staunch the river of tears
As memory recalls great times with peers.

For students kept changing in name and need,
But the colleagues remained and shared the creed
Of educate and love them all -
Students with flair and those with flaw.

Now I fade away and let the young
Move up the ladder, rung by rung,
To teach with dedication unfurled,
Preparing new students to run the world.

copyright 2001
Chuck Morlock

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