Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wall Drug (Wall, SD)

In 1931, Ted Husted opened a drug store near the entrance to The Badlands area (not yet a National Monument.) To entice people to his store (and soda bar) he put signs on the highway offering motorists free ice water and inexpensive coffee. It worked! People flocked to his store, and over the years his family bought out neighboring businesses and offered more items for sales.

The store is simply a fun place to visit and now has an almost endless series of rooms offering everything from drug store supplies, to clothing, shoes, leather goods, jewelry, pottery, knick knacks, souvenirs, a cafe, a soda fountain, a book store, furs, handmade Indian goods, taffy and fudge, etc.

Ellen immediately made a friend...

... and so did I.

The "backyard" included an animatronic T-rex...

All in all, Wall Drug is a stop with something to intrigue, entertain, or amuse everyone, and you might just find something to purchase. And don't forget to get your free ice water, your 5 cent coffee, and maybe even a bison burger.

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